Welcome to my carrd! This is exclusively for my Wattpad & Ao3, so hopefully this is useful. -K.K

About me!

Heyo, I'm K.K! I go by many names, but it is what it is.

  • I'm Bigender/Non-binary writer!

  • I'm 19! But don't expect me to be cool with random convos, especially i f we don't know each other

  • I typically write fanfiction! Though I do have my own stories I'd like to write

  • I strictly refuse to do non-fictional shipping now such as: Brohm or Ex: Pewds x Reader. That kind of reading content no longer appeals to me, and personally I feel incredibly uncomfortable, plus that's weird bro

  • I will though, write about fictional characters depending on the fandom! Currently into Saiki K!


I would appreciate if I was dm'd and/or left a comment underneath my profile if you would like a story from me!

Do know that, when requesting I would like to know the details of what you would like me to write. Not every writing I make may be appealing to you said reader!